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India is one of the world’s youngest countries in terms of demographics, with 54% of the total population below the age of 25. According to an article from the Harvard Business Review, world is looking up to India to fulfil a highly skilled human resource supply on a large scale. But are we ready? Unfortunately, the answer is “NO.” The deficit is because classroom learnings are not linked to career options. Adding on to the problem, not all school advocate project-based learning and experiential learning.
If this problem has to be solved, it has to be at grass root – school level itself.

The mission of FlipAcad is to address this burning issue precisely. We aim to transform educational ecosystem by taking full ownership of the school operations, thereby creating a conducive environment nurturing activity-based learning and innovation.

We create an inspiring learning environment conducive to collaboration, work areas that promotes discussion, peer learning, individuality, teamwork and critical thinking – a solution that addresses all the stakeholders – promoters, students, teachers, parents & society.

Finally, we believe education is a distillation of the broadest possible experience of life into wisdom. Therefore, our approach is to create catalyst partnerships that will help children learn real-world scenarios in the classrooms extending an enriching learning experience.

Our Vision

Flipacad - Vision

To empower students with 21st century learning skills and uphold curiosity through activity-based learning and mentor them to be lifelong learners.

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Our Mission

Flipacad - Vision and Mission

To create a transformational education system at school level that nurtures young minds to be problem solvers, researchers, artists, leaders, engineers, doctors, truly a global citizen capable of being whatever they dream to be, thereby helping the nation become a true superpower.

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